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acne treatment class Utah

Advanced Acne
Training Class

Advanced Acne Training Class

In the advanced acne training class, you will learn the theory on how acne is formed, the proper skin analysis, and consultation.  Ang will walk you through how to use a skin scanner to determine if your client has oily acne, dry acne, hormonal acne, etc. 

You will learn which ingredients and products are best, and those that should be avoided when treating acne.  You will also learn which treatment options, including chemical peels, masks, blue LED, home care, skin scrubber, and advanced extractions, should be used for each individual client.  She will go over several methods, including lancets, extractors, and other tools to help benefit, not harm the client’s skin. 

Learn post acne treatments to heal acne scars, and other useful tips to help prevent it from coming back.  

Ang will be preforming a live demonstration on a client with severs acne and will provide you with the same client to practice on. 

treat acne training class Utah
acne training class
acne treatment class Utah
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