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Body Contouring

dream body contouring

We have the strongest class 1 device on the market right now & clients are getting AMAZING results.

Melt Fat & Tighten skin‼️

There’s 4 different treatments to go over

  • Radio frequency; tightens skin, reduces cellulite & increases blood circulation
  • Ultrasonic Cavitation; low-frequency sound waves to melt fat cells so you lose inches on a treated area.
  • Vacuum suction- increase lymph circulation, removes toxins & waste products from the fat cells.
  • Booty cupping- is like doing 1500 a squats..put that peach back up on the tree.

$4000 for the machine & live training in Ogden

$3800 for the machine & web training.

If you charge $250 per treatment & and you just six week make $100 a week which is 6,000 added revenue a month!!!

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