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Manual Lymph Drainage Training

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage also just referred to as MLD is where a trained massage therapist or MLD trained practitioner, in Utah it can be a Master Aesthetician can manually massage the body in a way to push lymph through the body, breaking up areas of swelling and reducing excess fluid in the body. The lymphatic system is a system of lymph tissues, vessels, and organs like the spleen that work together with the circulatory system to maintain fluid levels in our body. This system also supports immune function, and keep blood circulating. The system carries lymph, a clear fluid that contains proteins, waste, fat cells, and metabolized cells through the body which is filtered through the lymph nodes. Waste is removed from the body as clean lymph circulates back through. When the lymphatic system isn’t moving lymph through the body properly, excess fluid in the body builds up, causing edema like cankles, swollen neck or belly and creating a puffy, uncomfortable look and feel.

Why is MLD important after plastic surgery like Liposuction Tummy Tuck & BBL- Brazilian Butt Lift?

When you have surgery, your body creates an inflammatory response which causes lymphatic fluid to rush into the area to nourish it with white blood cells. Plastic surgery, particularly tummy tucks, BBL and liposuction, often cause additional swelling as excess fluid and fat cells will harden within a few weeks of surgery. MLD is important to assist the body in moving the lymphatic fluid through the body to be processed and relieve the swelling. Drs usually requires patients to receive 10 MLD treatments.

What is Lymphedema?

There are varying degrees of severity of lymphedema, from mild to extreme swelling which can cause life-threatening complications. Initially, patients may notice that one limb is slightly larger than the other. Approximately 50% of patients with mild lymphedema report feelings of heaviness or fullness in the affected limb. As the swelling progresses, it may become difficult to fit clothing over the affected limb. Eventually, the size and weight of the edematous limb may cause fatigue, embarrassment, and have a significant impact on the quality of life. Although lymphedema can develop in any area where the normal flow of lymph fluid has been interrupted, it is most seen in the extremities and almost always takes place at the most superficial level of the lymph vessels, namely under the skin (subcutaneous). Other areas where lymphedema can develop include the head/neck region, chest, body cavities, pelvic region, and genitals. When lymph fluid accumulates due to blockage, it can reduce the amount of nutrients that reach the cells and can interfere with wound healing, which results in increased risk of infection.

manual lymphatic drainage training Utah
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Course Objectives

Learn treatment sequences for the management of edema, pre-surgery, post-traumatic and post-surgical edema; as well as several pathologies such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, detoxification, migraines, chronic pain, gut issues, and acne.

Class Topics

You will learn the history of the lymphatic system and MLD Basic anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system. We will discuss the drainage pathways of the lymphatic system. The causes of lymphatic insufficiencies and conditions that lead to the development of edema. Learn the benefits and contraindications of MLD Basic strokes for the entire body.


This 5-day certification course is open to Master Aestheticians and Massage Therapists.

contraindications of MLD Basic strokes for the entire body.

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Continuing Education Credits (CEU's)

This course is 40 Contact Hours. CEU’s are available. Each state and profession is different, so please contact your state for hour requirements.

MLD Treatments from Ang are available in Layton, Utah


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