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Simply Skin Microneedling Pen

Microneedling can improve the appearance and texture of your skin. It can minimize stretch marks, scars, wrinkles and other skin concerns. Microneedling increases collagen to give you a younger skin glow too!
microneedling pen

simply skin microneedling Pen

Have you been looking for an awesome professional microneedling pen?


Our Simply Skin Microneedling Pens are moderately priced pens that provide amazing professional results and are made out of medical stainless steel! This pen is very powerful and does NOT drag the skin or cause microtears like less expensive pens can, the RPM is 12, 000 for powerful results! NEW UPGRADED PRO PEN $850


No Refunds, 1 year warranty


Comes with a mini kit (2 batteries, fulvic spray & hyaluronic acid) This motor is more powerful, goes up to a 3.0 mm, digital battery indicator, removable battery. Needles are $10 each and come in nano, #12 & #36.

PRO TIP‼️‼️ use circles and rainbow techniques when microneedling so you don’t leave your client with stripes!

simply skin pro microneedling pen

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